Postural Alignment


Saturday 28th April - 1pm-4pm

3 hours - Price £40


Postural Alignment 2018

Do you have 'bad' posture ? What is 'good' posture anyway ?

A Postural Alignment Workshop with Monica Burr (Massage Therapist and former professional dancer)

This Workshop will focus on learning what 'good' posture means - what it looks and feels like. Learn exercises to find, nurture and strengthen your fluid body around a balancing and well aligned bony structure.

A healthy posture or body alignment can help with balance and flexibility, reduce tension and stress, help deal with ongoing pain such as headaches and back pain and aid recovery after surgery or injury.

So if you have niggly back pain, are wondering how to hold your head your neck when doing activities or just want to understand your body a little better come along to this workshop.

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"We completed the postural workshop and took such a lot of useful and useable corrective knowledge away with us. It was fascinating to learn about the technique and very satisfying for me because it helped my daughter who is constantly seated while studying , much like myself in my role at school. Mostly though, it struck me what an amazingly holistic cascade of knowledge Sarah and her team facilitate for us. We were stoked...Totally inspired...And ironed out !!!

Xx Wonderful"

Carla, February 2017

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