Pilates for Runners

Dates to be announced

3 hours - Price £40


Join us for a workshop to help lengthen, tone, and strengthen the body from a runners perspective.

We will focus on the areas of the body most needed for a good, strong run, and as such the class will include; activating the main muscle groups in the legs and hips to support the joints, releasing tightness in the upper body to allow for deeper breathing during your run, exercises to help correct misalignment issues that may cause pain or discomfort whilst running, and plenty of stretching!

You do not need to be an expert in Pilates to take part, as all exercises will be modified from beginner level through to advanced as needed.

We will use some small equipment but all exercises can be modified for home practice!

Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing (leggings are fine, but you may be too cool in shorts), and bring an extra top layer in case you get cool during the stretching sessions in class.

We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire prior to attending this workshop so that we can tailor the workshop appropriately in advance