Pilates Workshops 2018


Pilates For Beginners - Matwork  with Sarah Hudson Jones

Saturday 20th October 2pm-5pm

Pilates & Mindfulness with Sarah Hudson Jones & Bridget Sunday 11th November 1pm-5pm
Pilates For Beginners - Matwork  with Jo Murphy TBA
Pilates For Beginners - Equipment  with Jo Murphy TBA
Roller and Release  with Jo Murphy TBA

Pilates for Runners

 with Jamie Clough

Saturday 6th October  2pm-5pm
Saturday 1st December  2pm-5pm

Pilates for Crossfit with Jamie Clough Saturday 3rd November  2pm-5pm
Postural Alignment  with Monica Burr


Pilates Barre  with Lyndsey Thomas


Pilates for Flexibility  with Alexandra Lamb TBA



Recommendations for EnergyFlowFitness Workshops

" I found the workshop very useful, I have had problems understanding Pilates in the past. The pace of the workshop was perfect and the delivery was excellent."

J.D – Beginners workshop 


All workshops are at Habitual Fitness - click here for directions / google maps


For online booking details individual workshop entry.

Pre-attendance questionnaires will be emailed out on receipt of your booking.


Pilates & Mindfulness

Sunday 11th November 2018 1pm-5pm


4 hours - Price £48

Matwork Workshops 2018

An afternoon of pilates & mindfulness

Join us for a relaxing Sunday afternoon of pilates & mindfulness exercises to calm and stretch the mind and body. The session is suitable for mindfulness and pilates beginners and regulars.

Pilates For Beginners - Matwork

Saturday 20th October 2018 2pm-5pm


3 hours - Price £40

Matwork Workshops 2018

This workshop is designed for all new starters who want to get into pilates and who would like it to help them recover from or deal with an injury, joint pain, back pain, neck and shoulder tension. (in other words most of us!)

This workshop is also aimed at people who:-

  • Have been referred to pilates by their GP doctor or osteopath
  • Have already tried a class but found health issues such as joint pains or pelvic disfunction made it hard to keep up
  • Currently attend the class but need something a bit more indepth to help with their technique
  • Perhaps you've had an operation recently or are recently post natal. Even if you just have dull persistent achey back- this is the workshop for you!

We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire prior to attending this workshop so that we can tailor the workshop appropriately in advance

Roller and Release

Dates to be announced

10am-1pm   3 hours - Price £30

Roller and Release Workshops

Free your body using a foam roller.

A 3 hour workshop designed to take you through myofascial releases for the whole body using a foam roller.

You will come away with a new found sense of freedom and lightness in your body. Moving with greater ease and fluidity.

Places are limited so early booking is advised .

We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire prior to attending this workshop so that we can tailor the workshop appropriately in advance.

Pilates for Crossfit

Saturday 3rd November

2pm-5pm   3 hours - Price £40

Roller and Release Workshops

Having trouble with your overhead barbell mobility, or can't get deep enough into a squat? This workshop will go over some mobility 'drills' to help you conquer the well-known CrossFit exercises.

Flexibility is not a prerequisite for this workshop, nor will we be getting any PR's on the day! But you will learn plenty of tips and tricks for recovery post-WOD as well.




Pilates Barre


Date to be announced

3 hours - Price £40


Barre Workshop 9/12/17

Please join us for our Pilates Barre workshop, taught by ex-professional dancer and Body Control Pilates certified teacher Lyndsey Thomas. Combining the lengthening, strengthening and toning results of classical ballet technique, with the core principles of Pilates, you’ll experience an energising full body workout, which will challenge and improve balance, flexibility & coordination. During the workshop we will focus on healthy alignment, breath and a combination of flowing and dynamic movements to music. We will also use spikey balls, stretchy bands and other lovely Pilates props. This workshop is suitable for all levels and ages, no previous experience of Pilates or Ballet is required. Come have fun at the barre!


Pilates For Beginners - Equipment

Dates to be announced

3 hours - Price £40

Equipment Workshop

This workshop is aimed at people who:-

  • Currently attend the class but need something a bit more indepth to help with their technique
  • Want to try the equipment as a "one off" to help them progress with matwork
  • Want to try a studio class
  • Just want to come and have a play on the equipment!!

We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire prior to attending this workshop so that we can tailor the workshop appropriately in advance

Pilates For Flexibility

Dates to be announced

3 hours - Price £40


Please join us for our workshop on Pilates and stretching taught by Alexandra Lamb, Pilates Foundation certified. During this time we will cover the different aspects of stretching, why it's important to stretch in Pilates class and the benefits that can be obtained by incorporating stretching into exercise in general. This workshop is suitable for all levels, ages and ranges of 'flexibility'. No previous Pilates experience is required and those working with past or present injuries are welcome as we will cover all modifications of the stretches. There's something for everyone to learn, even if you feel supple and limber too!

Pilates for Runners

Dates to be announced

3 hours - Price £40


Join us for a workshop to help lengthen, tone, and strengthen the body from a runners perspective.

We will focus on the areas of the body most needed for a good, strong run, and as such the class will include; activating the main muscle groups in the legs and hips to support the joints, releasing tightness in the upper body to allow for deeper breathing during your run, exercises to help correct misalignment issues that may cause pain or discomfort whilst running, and plenty of stretching!

You do not need to be an expert in Pilates to take part, as all exercises will be modified from beginner level through to advanced as needed.

We will use some small equipment but all exercises can be modified for home practice!

Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing (leggings are fine, but you may be too cool in shorts), and bring an extra top layer in case you get cool during the stretching sessions in class.

We will ask you to fill out a questionnaire prior to attending this workshop so that we can tailor the workshop appropriately in advance

Postural Alignment


Saturday 28th April - 1pm-4pm

3 hours - Price £40


Postural Alignment 2018

Do you have 'bad' posture ? What is 'good' posture anyway ?

A Postural Alignment Workshop with Monica Burr (Massage Therapist and former professional dancer)

This Workshop will focus on learning what 'good' posture means - what it looks and feels like. Learn exercises to find, nurture and strengthen your fluid body around a balancing and well aligned bony structure.

A healthy posture or body alignment can help with balance and flexibility, reduce tension and stress, help deal with ongoing pain such as headaches and back pain and aid recovery after surgery or injury.

So if you have niggly back pain, are wondering how to hold your head your neck when doing activities or just want to understand your body a little better come along to this workshop.

Recommendations for EnergyFlowFitness Workshops


"We completed the postural workshop and took such a lot of useful and useable corrective knowledge away with us. It was fascinating to learn about the technique and very satisfying for me because it helped my daughter who is constantly seated while studying , much like myself in my role at school. Mostly though, it struck me what an amazingly holistic cascade of knowledge Sarah and her team facilitate for us. We were stoked...Totally inspired...And ironed out !!!

Xx Wonderful"

Carla, February 2017