Our Chorlton Pilates Studio for Private 1-to-1 Sessions






A whole hour entirely devoted to you....

A totally bespoke workout, for many it's a journey of self discovery!

Today's hectic pace of life often means it's not always easy to fit exercise in, many of our clients choose a 1-1 to help them slot in the most effective exercise sessions at a time to suit them.

Maybe you have specific health issues that mean you are unable to fully join in with a regular class.

Perhaps you are not comfortable working out with others in a group.

Your physio may have referred you to help recover from a sports injury and get you fit to return to your sport.

Whatever the reason you choose  a 1-1 (personal training) be prepared for it to be more than just a workout!

Everyone has different requirements which is why we always begin with a health screening to find out more about your health and fitness history. Your first session will usually include some physical assessments and postural analysis to discover your individual strengths and weaknesses, and any imbalances within the body.

Personal Training can, but does not have to, mean two sessions a week for ever!  We often do one-off sessions with men and women who want to try out a particular form of exercise before going along to a class. Others have occasional sessions to reinforce and develop exercise that they are already participating in. 

Our aim is to ensure all our  clients become much more body aware and body confident. No two sessions are ever the same, but every session focuses on improving posture, strength flexibility & tone. 

Contact energyflowfitness for more information on booking or follow the instructions to below.

How Do I Book?

You can book online by clicking the button below.

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Or if you prefer call us on 07776196504.

You can make a booking for a "private", or a "semi private" if you would like to share a session with 1 or 2 friends. We can book theses sessions at a time to suit you, including early morning and evening sessions. You may prefer to join a studio semi private class of up to 3 people at fixed times each week, you don't need to find 2 people to join you - it's like sharing a personal trainer.

Before booking for a semi private/small group session you must have attended a 1-1 session so that you can orientate yourself on the equipment and maximise what you get out of future sessions.

Prices are;


SEMI PRIVATE 2-1 £25pp

SEMI PRIVATE 3-1 £20pp


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