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Mindfulness Workshops




Mindfulness is a simple practice where we learn to notice what’s happening, right now, right here. There’s a growing body of scientific evidence showing the benefits of mindfulness and how if can not only help overcome difficulties - such as anxiety, depression and mental suffering - but also optimise your life by increasing focus, positivity and creativity.
We’re offering a range of different ways to try out mindfulness at energyflowfitness. All sessions are suitable for beginners as well as those that have had some experience of mindfulness and meditating. 
Saturday afternoon workshops - a great general introduction to mindfulness practices and ideas
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Saturday 16 June - 2pm-4pm
Mindfulness Workshop  - Compassion and kindness
When we’re kind to ourselves we’re much more able to be kind to other people and affect real change in our community.This mindfulness and meditation workshop focuses on kindness to ourselves and to others and shows how this makes us more connected to the rest of humanity.
Saturday 23 June - 2pm-4pm
Mindfulness Workshop - Seeking out the good 
We’re programmed to notice and hang on to negative experiences and overlook the positive, joyful moments in life. This mindfulness and meditation workshop focuses on how we can rebalance this bias, and reshape how we see and experience the world.  
Testimonials for Bridget
"Great pace and pitch, really made me feel everyone was involved and the ideas were communicated with warmth, insight and humour. Bridget really brings the ideas and practices to life."
"Given me a whole different mindset! Bridget is a wonderful teacher - clear, articulate and also kind in the way she delivers the material and manages the class. She truly embodies a feeling of non-judgemental acceptance and kindness and is great at delivering guided meditations."
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