Sarah has been passionate about fitness since she got her first Jane Fonda book and audio tapes in 1983! She started working in health clubs in '95  and set up energy flow fitness in 2003 as personal trainer and pilates teacher. In 2007 she realised that there weren't enough hours in the day to Bring up three small children run your own business and keep up-to-date with general personal training and Pilates, so she started building the pilates equipment studio and specialised purely in Pilates.

Since qualifying to teach Pilates mats classes 13 years ago she has continually studied with a wide range of world renowned teachers and training companies in order to broaden her knowledge and provide her loyal clients with fresh and challenging workouts year after year.

Living in Chorlton and working from home, Sarah's world is a busy blend of family,pets and clients throughout the day at the custom-built garden studio lovingly known as "the posh shed".

Pilates Qualifications

  • Polestar Pilates Rehab & Studio Diploma (2013 ongoing)
  • Teacher trainer for MK Pilates in Mat Work(2012)
  • Cadillac (MK pilates) [2011]
  • Reformer Level 2 (Michael King) [2011]
  • Reformer Level 1 (Michael King) [2010]
  • Pilates Advanced 1 to 1 Personal Trainer [2004]
  • Pilates Small Equipment [2004]
  • Pilates Mat Work Instructor Levels 1 & 2 [2002]

Personal Training and Fitness Qualification

  • The Tonic Advanced Personal Training Course [2004]
  • Body in Action Personal Trainer [2000]
  • Body In Action Advanced Fitness Instructor [2000]
  • Boxercise
  • Kick Boxercise
  • Focus Training Fitness Instructor Award [1998]

Recommendations for EnergyFlowFitness

“I’ve been practising Pilates twice a week now for just over a year and have found it to have fantastic results in terms of my body, strength and fitness. I also feel that to spend an hour focusing on your body is of great mental benefit after busy days in an office, and it’s enjoyed in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, unlike the gym!

Most importantly for me personally is that Pilates has had great medical benefit to my body. I have one leg longer than the other, which causes my pelvis to twist and over the years has caused various back and knee problems. However since starting pilates my body has increased in strength and the core muscles I need to balance my body out have improved so much that after a recent visit to my podiatrist he exclaimed that I have significantly reduced the difference in the length of my legs and have gained a much more balanced body. I was 26 when I started pilates but I fully intend to still be practising it when I’m 76!” Debbie S.

More references available on request.